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The British Science Association (BSA) is a charity, founded in 1831. Our vision is of a world where science is at the heart of society and culture. We aim to support, grow and diversify the community of people interested and involved in science; and to strengthen their influence over science's direction and place in society. The Norwich Branch was established in Autumn 2016 and is run entirely by volunteers. Please get in touch if you have ideas for events or would like to be involved!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Meet the Committee #6 - Freya Varden

Hi everyone!

The sixth person to be featured on the Meet the Committee series is Freya Varden who is Chair of the BSA Norwich committee.

Q: What is your role in the committee and what does it involve?

My role is Chair of the committee, which means I am responsible for coordinating all the activities of the branch and making sure they flow smoothly. One part of my job is organising meetings, writing agendas and making spreadsheets (I’m a secret list-addict!), but my favourite part of the role is that I get to watch amazing events come to life, thanks to the teamwork of this wonderful committee and our fantastic volunteers. My job is to be behind the scenes, making sure everyone’s voice is heard equally and their ideas are turned into reality!

Q: What is your current occupation?

I’m currently a PhD student at the John Innes Centre, using biochemistry to study the molecular battleground between important crop plants and the diseases that affect them. Although I love working in the lab, I feel strongly that we should make science more accessible and transparent, and I have taken as many opportunities as possible during my PhD to learn how to communicate with different audiences and challenge science stereotypes. Before my PhD, I did an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Durham University, where I first discovered how much I like chatting about science!

Q: What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love making things, so I’ll have a go at pretty much any craft hobby! Particularly things that involve fabric or yarn; so sewing, knitting, crochet, spinning... the list goes on!

Fun fact: One of my life goals is to own a whole herd of alpaca!

Thanks Freya! :) 

As always, if you have any thoughts or feedback regarding events, social media activity and blog posts from BSA Norwich then we'd love to hear from you! Also, please get in contact if you'd like to volunteer. :)

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